Our first MNFC was held in Crouch End on 7.2.11, with our Founder Becca Picton showing the Danish film Festen.

Below is her account of the night:

Hi Folks, 


I’m glad you enjoyed last night, and I am pleased that you took some of the remaining metre of pizza home with you! For those of you who couldn’t make it, I chose Festen, which seemed to go down pretty well. For those of you who might like to know a bit more about the Dogme movement, you can get some details here.

The next meeting has been set for Monday 28th Feb and Jon will be hosting. He’ll send details about how to get to his place and what to bring nearer the time.

Helen P has requested a meeting on Monday 4th April, which she is happy to host as it is one of the only Mondays in the next few months when she’s not working nights or late, so please put that that in your diaries as well. I think there’s time for another meeting between Jon’s and Helen’s, but we can decide on that on the 28th.

Lots of you last night seemed to be thinking hard about what your film choice will be, and I just want to remind you that you can choose anything, as long as you’ve got a decent reason for it – you don’t need to please everyone.

Remember: This is not a democracy!

Becca xx

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