Our next meeting was on 28.2.11, at Jon’s flat in Brixton, where we watched Amadeus, complete with cinema popcorn and hotdogs.  Amadeus was chosen as a contrast to Festen, allowing future MNFC’s to be open to any sort of genre imaginable.  It was also a nod to the 2011 Oscar ceremony taking place that week.

Hi folks,
I hope you all enjoyed last night’s film. For those of you who couldn’t make it, Jon showed us Amadeus. I know Jon promised to lower the tone a bit after ‘Festen’, but I thought it stayed pretty highbrow, and I now wish all parts of my life were accompanied by stirring classical music!


I think everyone also enjoyed the genuine cinema popcorn boxes, courtesy of the Ritzy. I think we’ll all have to start upping our game when it comes to hosting!

With the aid of the ever-trusty interweb, I discovered today that Mick Jagger auditioned to play Mozart in the film. Not sure what the film would have been like with him in the starring role, but there would probably have been a lot less Oscars!

For those of you who want to know a bit more about the real details of Mozart’s and Salieri’s lives, there is the ever-trusty and always accurate Wikipedia.

Until next time remember:


Becca xx

2 thoughts on “Amadeus

  1. Dear all,

    Many thanks for coming last night those who could make it. Sorry the film was a bit longer than I had remembered, I trust you all got back in time. At least there were hotdogs, and really comfortable sofa’s to get you through it (!). Despite this, I am glad that people enjoyed it, and was able to prompt a few discussions today. Interesting to hear other people’s opinions, particularly in relation to the current swathe of oscar winners, and the impact of contempory music on society in relation to the Vienese school. Bieber vs Beethoven. Now that’s a celebrity death match I’d like to see.

    Further to this, I am hoping to get tickets to see Mozart’s Requiem in St Martin in the Fields, on Saturday 19th March. Let me know if anyone is interested. The first monday night film club field trip, perhaps! We could get T-shirts “it is not a democracy”. Probably better than last night’s suggested “variety is the spice of fascism”.

    Anyway, let me know if anyone’s free.

    Looking forward to the Smith Multiplex on the 14th.

    Jon xxx

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