The Illusionist

March 14th 2011 brought us to Stoke Newington, Lucy’s expert hosting, and “The Illusionist”.

Greetings Film Fascists!
Last night saw another triumphant MNFC, ably hosted by the always luscious Lucy Smith. Lucy once again raised the hosting bar by preparing a delicious chicken tagine with her own fair hands for pre-film consumption. Coloured baloons strung across the kitchen ceiling added a very festive atmosphere.

The film Lucy chose was The Illusionist, a lovely but slightly melancholy French animation (not to be confused with the 2006 film of the same name starring Edward Norton!) about a magician who travels to Scotland. The film was based on an unproduced script by Jaques Tati, the famous French actor and director, and has a back story of family intrigue and guilt. General opinion amongst the fascists present was very favourable, and led to much discussion.


The evening was both entertaining and educational, as our red-wine fueled musings led us on a fact-finding mission. We learned 3 very interesting facts:
1. Terry Nutkins had parts of 2 of his fingers bitten off by an otter when he was 15
2. Terry Nutkins has 8 children
3. Lucy loves a giant one. Pork pie that is.

Until next time, mes chers amis.

Becca xx


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