Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Dear Fascists

Sorry about the delay in this week’s Tuesday Review.  In a strange way it’s kind of appropriate.  Because the last 24 hours has been full of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.  I’ve been oh so busy.  Well if I’m honest, more like Sleep & Paracetamol & Bacon Rolls, at least.


And that was what a snowy evening in Walthamstow had in store for us on Monday, where Jess filled us with delicious Spag Bol, and with her penchant for British Classics transported us back to the early 60’s to the 80’s, and the biopic of Ian Drury.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” follows the life of Ian Drury, played by Andy Serkis.  We follow him from his early life when he contracted Polio, through to chart success and the cultural impact of his music made with The Blockheads.  Throughout, we are witness to flashbacks including his battle with Polio, and his time at the Chailey Heritage Craft School, where he was frequently the victim of institutionalised abuse under the guise of the school’s motto “Men Made Here”.

The hyperlinks above are well worth a click, as fans of Ian Drury have created some great biographies and interesting take on the meaning of his music and his lyrics.  There is also this great obituary in the Guardian.  However, those present on Monday are already well studied in such things, as during the post-film chin-stroking we were treated to the encyclopedic knowledge of Paul, who is clearly a big fan, and as such all found ourselves immersed in the culture and music of such an influential artist.  Ian Drury, not Paul.  Ok, Paul.   I like this description of him a lot, and the style of the film which included fast-cutting and animation sequences, reflects this persona incredibly well.  Ian Drury, not Paul.

“As portrayed by Serkis, Dury is not just a wild man; he’s an aesthete and provocateur: the missing link between Oscar Wilde and Morrissey, with a soupçon of Boomtown Rat vintage Bob Geldof.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

We also discussed the incredible performance by Andy Serkis in a move away from chasing after the ring all day long.  Ooh, matron.  But, indeed, he did work out the right side of his body to over-develop it and leave his left side weak and fragile, and he wore calipers for 6 months to help waste that side of his body even further.  He describes it as an incredibly painful experience.  However, there was use of prosthetics, such as the scenes of him in bed, where a fake leg was necessary.

In a moment of life imitating art, we were also privy to Helen’s shopping spree of the day, putting the famous album “New Boots and Panties” into a whole new context.  The less said the better.  However, they really were very nice boots – and here’s hoping the unashamed plug for Camper shoes helps MNFC get it’s first corporate sponsorship.

We were reminded during the film of the controversy surrounding his song “Spasticus Autisticus” which was written in protest to the 1981 Year of the Disabled, which he viewed as patronising.  A song which at one time was banned by the BBC, was used in last year’s opening ceremony for the Paralympic games to incredible effect.

Speaking of incredible effects, and mirroring the graphic scenes of drug use on the screen, we were also witness to Max the Cat’s unfortunate slide into the depths of Peppermint addiction.  Cat-owners may be interested in quite what was happening, other plants that give cats happy time, and here’s the science bit.

MNFC – for all your veterinary needs!  Whatever next?

Well, actually, next will be at my house on Feb 11th for our 2nd Anniversary Celebrations, and then onto Lucy’s on March 4th if all is well.  At which point we’ll be moving into the awards season, and that means one thing: FAFTAs 2013!  Details to follow…

Until then, keep rocking on (and rolling, sexing and drugging)


This is not a democracy… it’s a Razzle in my pocket.

5 thoughts on “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

  1. Well done for getting back to British film, Jess. Looks like the FAFTA for Best British Film now has 3 possible options!

    • Do we have to return our awards from last year? Or do we get new ones?! If we’re re-using them, then I want my name engraving on it for 2012 winner! x

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