The dictators and their films

Comrade Jon  Amadeus; Bicycle Thieves; Into the Wild2001 A Space Odyssey; It’s Such a Beautiful Day (Overtime, Luminaris, Thought of You, The Maker); Enter the Dragon; Life in a Day; The Sacrifice; Brief Encounter; Tokyo Godfathers; The Rocket

Comrade Lucy  The Illusionist; The Children’s Hour; SecretaryThe Lives of OthersHeadhuntersThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; La Vie en Rose; A Separation

Comrade Matt  Double Indemnity; The Big LebowskiThe ConversationLes Intouchables; What We Do in the Shadows

Comrade Jess  This is England; In the Loop; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll; Au Revoir Les Enfants; Tabloid; The Man Who Fell to Earth

Comrade Helen  West Side Story; Gadjo Dilo; Blow-Up; My Beautiful Laundrette; Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown; The Lego Movie; Best of Enemies; Sideways; The Great Beauty

Comrade Sam  Life Is BeautifulBubba Ho-tepThe Kings of Summer; In Bruges; Love and Mercy; Victoria

Comrade Susan  Little Miss SunshineSon Of RambowBeasts of the Southern WildFrank; Slow West

Comrade Lisa  The Station Agent; Etre et Avoir; 12 Angry Men

Comrade Nel  Top Hat

Comrade Oli  The Guest

Special events / Demonocracy:  The Breakfast Club; Rosemary’s Baby; Con Air; The BirdsThe Great Dictator; The Shining; Don’t Look Now; Eraserhead

Former Members / Overseas :

Supreme Founder Becca  Festen; Bladerunner; The Lady Vanishes; When Harry Met Sally; HeroHoly Motors; Saturday Night Fever; Timbuktu

Comrade Di  Looking for EricThe Big SleepBlancanieves, Lars and the Real Girl; The Fighter

Comrade Adam  Chungking Express; Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; Wings of DesireThe King of Kong; The Act of Killing

Comrade Helen P  Lucia y el Sexo; It’s a Wonderful Life

Comrade Felix  Nuts in May

Comrade Jack   In Search of a Midnight Kiss

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